For ease of review, pertinent information is highlighted in yellow. If I were the immigration examiner, I would not be satisfied and therefore would put you in RFE either. If you fail to comply, the answer will probably be lost and you may get a denial. If you are short on the documents that have both of your names listed on them you MAY include affidavits from people who know you as a couple see examples , confirming your marital relationship — note that they are not required. Naturalization, None lo Posted 30 August –

Just held up for lack of other documents. Again, having a good lawyer on your side can make a big difference. Leave A Comment Cancel reply. We even had our puppy in most of the pics we had together. Back to Removing conditions I

Mailed N Naturalization Application.

This is where VisaJourney was tremendously, immensely helpful. Name of immigrant K-1 visa spouseAlien registration number Name of immigrant K-2 visa childAlien registration number.

Edited by simplymaria, 01 March – Approved E-notification of Card Production. Our law firm, having filed more than immigration cases, is quite familiar with responding to RFEs.

i 751 rfe cover letter

Please find appended Form I and materials to support removal of conditions on residence for my wife, Happy Chic.

If it doesn’t, please click Skip and Download Skip and Download. This topic is now closed to further replies. I Interview – approved. On the other hand, putting irrelevant and unnecessary information in your application or petition can harm you.


I Removal of Conditions: We always recommend having legal assistance while filing a case.

10 Tips “how to reply” to a RFE – Request for Evidence. – Immigration Law Blog

Thanks for sharing Also the cat in your picture is ii cute! I’ve forgotten my password. Unfortunately, there are many other issues to consider in your answer.

i 751 rfe cover letter

Copies of greeting cards, letters and packages from family and friends addressed to us throughout the years Exhibit R: In another post later, I will be including a sample of an affidavit my best friend wrote for us. Go To Topic Listing.

Rfe Cover Letter Sample

Thank you Happy Chic. In any case, it’s helpful to concentrate on the evidence that has developed since they last interviewed you. Much appreciated, as I’m just putting my package together.

i 751 rfe cover letter

I assumed they would be able all these information and compare it to make sure it matches. RFEs are usually requested because either the petitioner or beneficiary has not provided sufficient proofs or clarification in their original package. In this article, we’ll include a sample cover letter for I, removal of conditions petitioning, leetter well as a few tips on structure and what to include in the cover letter.


Of course, I omitted all private identifying information but the format and remaining words are intact. Not Telling Visa type: Copies of details of our first and second wedding anniverary celebrations; invitations to guests, cards received from family covee friends, event bills Exhibit Q: We even had our puppy in most of the pics we had together. Jireh is going to render a duet performance with a huge matinee idol from ASAP. We married shortly after her arrival, as we had been unable to do so previously, and have remained living together happily as a family with our daughter.

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I understand the process, been there long ago! This forum is very helpful. The above are just a few points to remember when answering an RFE. I still included the water rfee which is under my husband’s name and Direct TV bill which is under my name.